Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) provides an important channel of communication between parents and teachers for the benefit of the pupils and the whole community. Its main purposes are:

    • To create mutual support and understanding between home and school, thus bring about a total learning environment for students.
    • To provide a means for keeping parents informed of school activities, programs, etc., and to enable parents and teachers to discuss matters concerning the provision of education.
    • To assist the school in meeting its financial obligations, primarily through fundraising activities.


Parents as Partners 

St. Augustine Primary School depends on parents to carry out essential parental responsibilities for their children.

Our school seeks to teach each child the value of religion and the virtues of honesty, respect for authority, consideration for the rights and property of others, and standards of personal morality and integrity. However, the work of the school will be ineffective unless these principles are also being established, upheld and valued in the home. If parents cooperate with the school, instill respect for the integrity of its teachers and administration, and actively support their authority in the home, this is likely to be reflected in the positive attitudes of their children.

Some Ways Parents Can Take a More Active Role

  • Assisting their child in his/her academic and moral development by carefully
  • Reviewing class work, test results, progress reports, and report cards; supervising home study;and reinforcing school policies.
  • Explaining and reviewing periodically the school’s behaviour code with their child. Parents should discuss any school disciplinary episodes in relation to the school behavior code.
  • Recognize your child’s talents and interests so they may be developed in co-operation with the class teacher.
  • See that the dress code, including sports uniform, is enforced.