School Life

Our School

Our school is celebrated for its family atmosphere and warm, welcoming, supportive environment. It is an inclusive community where a child in Grade K can approach a 6th Grade student without feeling intimidated; where differences are appreciated, not made fun of; and where relations between students and teachers are marked by mutual respect and cooperation. It is this that gives our students the confidence to try new things and to give their all. Newcomers, whether students or teachers, find SAS highly refreshing and often times settle in very quickly.

We believe that the values ingrained in students at a young age will stay with them through their lives and SAS seeks to cultivate students who we know we will be proud of throughout their lives. We aim to instill in all our students the confidence to stand up for what they believe in, to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and to consider the needs of others above their own.

St. Augustine School nurtures individuals and gives all students the confidence to be themselves, free from peer pressure and the need to conform.


Principal:                            Mrs Claudia Skerritt

Vice Principal:                   Mrs Vernetta Williams

Secretary:                           Mrs Patricia West

Grade K (Kindergarten):   Mrs Jennifer Fenton

Grade 1:                              Mrs Wannis Persaud

Grade 2:                              Ms Dyan David

Grade 3:                              Ms Patsy Ryan

Grade 4:                              Ms Jodi Baptiste

Grade 5:                              Ms Sarah Allen

Grade 6:                              Mrs Vernetta Williams

FLE* Teacher: Ms Claribel Figueroa

ICT** Teacher: Mr Allen Mullings

*FLE- Family Life Education and Religion
**ICT- Information and Communication Technology



The student body is currently 159 students. This figure aids to preserve the school’s family atmosphere.



SAS has welcomed students from various different countries on every continent since the school opened. Few people are lucky enough to visit half as many countries in a lifetime as are represented in our school. Growing up in this multicultural environment means that acceptance of religious and cultural differences comes naturally to our students. They all value the wonderful opportunity they have to learn from their friends about the world and different cultural traditions.



When a student enters the school, he or she is placed in one of three houses. Throughout the academic year, these houses compete in a number of competitions, in and outside the classroom, across different age categories. House points are accumulated and, at Sports Day, the overall House Champions are announced.

As well as promoting healthy competition and unearthing new talent in the school, the house system generates a terrific spirit within the community and encourages students to consider others in all their endeavours. House competitions always create considerable excitement and a wonderful sense of teamwork and camaraderie. House Captains are appointed every year to foster house spirit and to organise their House’s involvement in events.