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Assembly is an integral part of school life. It is an ideal occasion for the entire school to learn, laugh and be together. Assembly takes place on Monday and Friday Mornings. On Fridays there is a special Celebration Assembly. The achievements and good behaviour shown by SAS pupils are commended and the pupils may be awarded certificates for their achievements for the week.


School Song

Song for St. Augustine School

We ask, Oh Lord, for blessings upon our school today

For teachers, dedicated, their calling to obey.

We pray that every pupil will know Your love and grace

And let a love for learning grow strong within this place



Noverim Te, Noverim Me

To spread the light of Jesus Christ

We dedicate our school.


We honour St Augustine, our own dear Patron Saint

Who strove for truth and knowledge, for wisdom and restraint

Who in Your grace and favour, with daily insights grew

For guiding education, and stirring faith anew.


For countless gifts of mercy, which flow from Heaven above

We thank the Lord, and ask Him to guide this school we love.

Proud bearers of Christ’s banner of truth, we now proclaim

May all our thoughts and actions be worthy of His Name.


To know and love our Saviour, to know ourselves indeed

To grow in faith and knowledge, to walk where Christ will lead.

This is our highest calling, and we will never rest

To keep our St Augustine School the strongest and the best.


Daily Routine

The daily school schedule is as follows:

Time Activity
8:50 am First Bell (Preparation for class)
8:58 am Second Bell (Freeze Bell)
8:59 am Assemble at class
9:00 am School Begins
10:35 am Break
10:55 am End of Break
12:00 noon Lunch
12:25 pm Play Time
12:50 pm Water Bell (Preparation for class)
12:58 pm Freeze Bell
12:59 pm End of Lunch Break
3:00 pm End of School Day